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inspired by new momma Julie I’ve decided to blog about getting in shape  and losing the baby weight (doing it mainly so I can be held accountable).  I’ve never had trouble with losing weight before, my genetics meant it melted off without a second thought from me. but like everyone said, it’s not that easy after your second baby. my body has changed shape and it doesn’t appear to be going back to what it was on its own so I guess that means it’s time for me to intervene.

if you know me at all you know i’m not going to go about this the same way all the other Tumblrs of the world have - eating better and working out. you see, i’m lazy. and i’m a fatass. and by “fatass” I don’t mean that I way a ton but instead I mean i’m skinny but have tons of fat and cellulite because… well because I eat poorly, because i’m lazy. do you see how this goes?

sugar and carbs are basically my diet and i’m going to be realistic about the fact that they’re not going anywhere. can I cut out some of the brownies, cookies, and ice cream here and there? yes. will I be ridding my diet of foods that are bad for me entirely? umm, no.

so what do I want and how am I going to get it?

specifics after the jump

I want my clothes to fit. I want to lose the saddlebags. I want my arms to be smaller at the jiggly parts. I want to no longer have jiggly parts on my arms. and if I can do all this while regaining a defined waist and maybe cutting away at some of the cellulite on my thighs and butt, well that’s just icing on the cake. and my plan is to just work out, you know, actually use my gym membership.

when I started this post I kept referencing my weight but for me it’s never been about weight, it’s about my shape. in fact I’ve been putting off posting this entirely because I couldn’t decide if I even wanted to divulge my weight. not because it bothers me, but it usually bothers other people. i’m relatively skinny, I’ve always been very skinny. and people have always rolled their eyes at me when it comes to my weight/body issues. since i’m always stuck defending myself i’ll just put it out there before I get the comments - I have never had an eating disorder. I eat like an unhealthy pig. I just have genes and a metabolism that keep me from really packing on weight. in fact with the exception of pregnancy I’ve been the same weight since high school and it doesn’t matter what I eat, in fact it’s always been a struggle for me to gain weight. so I don’t want to hear any comments about my weight being “fine” or whatever. it’s my body, not yours, I know what it’s supposed to look/feel like to operate optimally.

I feel bad that whenever I see people and they say “you look great!” i’m not sure if they’re just trying to be nice or if I want to punch them in the face. sure, I may still be thin compared to an average person but this isn’t my body. and if I were wearing my actual clothes (that I can’t even get on) instead of the new, bigger, clothes I’ve had to buy maybe they wouldn’t be saying that.

so, with that out of the way i’ll just say it - pre-Eleanor I weighed about 105lbs. I put on 50lbs with her and whatever was going to “melt” off already has and I’ve been at a solid 122lbs since then.

but here’s the thing, I don’t care if I don’t lose weight. if I can be 122 and reshape my body to fit into my clothes once again that’s cool with me. i’m strictly putting my weight out there because everyone else has, and I love to follow the leader, and i’m no better than anyone else so why shouldn’t I put myself out there too? my goal is just slightly different. after having Roger I went back to my ~100lb weight but I still had to buy new clothes - my hips were wider, so were my chest and shoulders. so i’m cool with a new shape no matter the weight, I just want it to be a shape i’m comfortable with, one that’s flattering and fits into my stuff.

so here are my pictures from just after my first-workout-post-baby on Monday (when I could still lift my arms). I’ve highlighted the areas that look different than ever before, they are what’s keeping me from fitting into my clothes. as much as I’m not a fan of how large and boxy I am from my chest to my thighs now, I do have to say it’s pretty cool finally having a butt. I’ve been a pancake bottom my entire life.




full stats —

  • current weight: 122lbs
  • goal weight: ~ 110lbs, or whatever. don’t really care.
  • immediate goal:  I need to fit into one of the dresses i already own by my daughter’s baptism
  • time frame: less than 7wks to do it
  • measurements:
    waist - 30”
    hips - 37”
    thighs - 38”
  • inches to lose: 2” on each of those (I’ve been taking my body’s measurements since 2009 so I know where I started and where I need to get back to)
  • workout plan/goal: gym at least 2x a week - pilates on Mondays and weight machines the other day. if i can get a swim in also that’s extra points. i’m also taking a few Stroller Strides classes here and there and running around after a toddler so those should count for something too.

wish me luck y’all.

I feel like we’re doing some Tumblr-Mom-biggest loser style thing and I kinda love the group effort!

let’s all get out there and be the most fit and fabulous lookin mama’s around!

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  1. hollygonightly said: Your reasons for gaining weight are far more noble than mine (beer), but I relate to just wanting things to fit, regardless of numbers on the scale. Wishing you luck!
  2. thepreppyhippielife said: Great post.
  3. seriouslysmalltown said: Good for you for putting it out there! Good luck!!
  4. almosthalfway said: good for you! (also you’re pushing me one step closer to taking my own humiliating photos)
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