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did you get full over color or high lights?  I get highlights and I can still see grays, but it’s totally because I’m looking for them.  Highlights should give more depth too

i literally knew NOTHING about hair dye/options before going into this last night. rookie mistake. after talking about it with the stylist for like 30 minutes i know a little bit more.(?)

from what i understand highlights weren’t an option for me because they’re done on the top part of the head and my grays are pretty much from the tops of my ears down. i did flat out ask her if she could just dye the gray ones and she explained why that wasn’t an option but i couldn’t recount it for you now if you paid me. i just nodded and held the tears back.

so i got an all-over demi color. i thought i understood why at the time but again i think i was in a haze so today i can’t really explain why this option worked best.  i loved it when she was done but once i got home i spent too much time in the mirror and that ruined it for me. 

i’m just crossing my fingers that when this fades away it will reveal my original hair color with natural highlights. is that what happens? or is the hair forever changed?? (i really should look into this more before i decide to do it again)

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so my hair looks…

not bad?

I don’t know. at first I was all, “it looks exactly the same just without the grays!” which is what I was going for.

but the more I look at it the more I dislike it. losing 34years of sun highlights and natural depth makes me sad. it just looks so 1 dimensional and I don’t think it’s because she did a bad job, I think that’s just the nature of dying. it’s one of the biggest reasons I didn’t want to do it.

but as I combed through it in the mirror last night I feel like I can still see my grays too. but I’m not sure if that’s because they’re actually showing or if I’m just looking for them. I honestly can’t tell if they still look gray or if they’re just translucent brown… husband is no help either.

so all in all, I’m kinda bummed out about it today. I’m sure i’ll be fine as the days pass and when it’s time to go in again i’ll be getting a more drastic color change. nothing crazy but maybe going some shades lighter in the brown family… back to my childhood hair color so I can match my babies : )

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