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This about sums up my life. 

I’m pretty much over all the internet moms with a Mac takings pop hits and turning them into lyrics about parenthood. serious eye rolls over here.

but I have to say this one made me chuckle - especially the “I’m just trying to pee” part and I can see myself singing “I said put it baaaaaack” in my future

either way, all these moms have way more free time than I do. I don’t know where I could schedule in “make a music video parody”.

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Late-Night-Jen has some seriously crazy ambitions for Early-Morning-Jen

she’s always making plans for the lists of things we can knock out before even leaving for school

she’s always putting off things that could be done right now because “i’m too tired, i’ll do it in the morning” (knowing full well that Jen is SO NOT a morning person)

and we all know EMJ hates LNJ and not only curses her constantly but sometimes puts those same tasks off during the day to purposely leave them for LNJ, trying to teach her a lesson or something.

I don’t know how I live with these two. I just know I’m highly unproductive.

related: EMJ actually made eggs for breakfast this morning. meaning the kids got fed AND her own breakfast was made, eaten, and still managed to drop Roger off at school on time. is she caving or inspired??

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re: my teeth & invisalign

when they put what I called the “arch” on the back of my teeth they called it a “permanent retainer”. it may be permanent but it ain’t retaining sh$t.  so not really sure what to do about that. I don’t think it’s worth redoing it since my teeth are no longer straight (or as straight as I liked them) and if my teeth busted out of it once I’m assuming they’ll do it again.

as for Invisalign I did mine 5yrs ago (the first round) and with what I needed done, the time, and number of trays it was about $4,500. I have no clue what’s changed in the last 5years but my insurance covered none of it at the time (maybe I just had shitty insurance?) and I remember that the cost could be anywhere from a few hundred to about $5k max. I had about 9 months of trays (new tray every 2wks) and my teeth were PERFECTION! afterward (esp. since most places include a free whitening at the end). worth every penny. until they started shifting right back : (

as for the process and the cost - I still highly recommend it to anyone who’s a candidate. after you’ve finished your original treatment they allow an adjustment (or two?) and that’s what I had done the 2nd time. it was just a few trays and only cost me $100 (I think my insurance at that time covered some of it). but as you can tell it’s not a miracle worker and if your teeth wanna be wonky your teeth are gonna fight to be wonky.

womp womp. back to the drawing board.

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my teeth are stronger than modern medicine

I’ve had 2 rounds of invisalign

after the second my teeth looked beautifully straight again but my dentist told me they’d go back eventually because they’re so crammed in on the bottom (thanks tiny mouth and tongue-tiredness) so he put an arch in. he cemented that fucker to the backs of my teeth to keep them pushed out. they’re not going anywhere.

that was when I just got pregnant with Belly

recently I’ve noticed that every once in a while I get a pain in my bottom teeth when getting something cold in my mouth. and I thought I was imagining things but it looked like my teeth were coming out of alignment.



I have no clue what to do. do I try invisalign again? just face the fact that my body wants crooky teeth?

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every morning on the way to preschool we drive right by the high school at the same time kids are heading in (the kids who are running late anyway… I assume this because most of those kids are hustling, backpacks flying off their shoulders, etc.)

and I can’t help but notice so many of them are these super awkward teens and I immediately think “dear God, please let that be my kid in 13yrs.”

my husband played Dungeons & Dragons in h.s. and I’ve begged him to make sure Roger does the same. 

I would prefer my kids be really awkward and a little weird, I just think it’ll make life easier. in my theory this means that they won’t be focusing so much on the opposite sex (and taking nudie pics), or how to get in with the cool kids, or dealing with mean girls “friend” drama but instead they’ll just be enjoying those (super strange) teenage years. in this theory they can embrace their sexuality later, when they’re a little more mature and can handle trying to appeal to the opposite sex (and all the rejection that comes with that), and they can focus on their education and sports (will they be athletic? musical? anything?) instead of trying desperately to fit into some group.

I know you can’t force your kids to be cool or weird but I’m gonna try to steer them in that direction. at the very least I can control what clothes they have in their closet to choose from, right? let’s start there…

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about herd mentality

i remember when i joined Tumblr and everyone used to do those daily memes

revealing something about themselves on True Confession Tuesdays
posting photos from years past on Way Back Wednesdays
showing everyone their cute shoes up on their desk/coffee table on Feet Up Fridays
and posting a little something about themselves that appears to go against the Tumblr grain in an Unpopular Opinion

and then one of the cool kids said they didn’t like ‘em and they thought it was stupid

and suddenly everyone else was all “oh yah, me too. totally.”

i kinda miss those days when everyone followed those they view as popular girls about trivial things like that and not jumping down the throats of someone who posts something that makes them roll their eyes. i say roll your eyes, move along, and don’t heart the post, if you find it particularly offensive then unfollow.

i thought Tumblr was all Girl Power! Let’s lift each other up rather than put our fellow woman down! but yet the posts that seem to garner the most attention are those bashing someone for their opinion or something that may have been worded poorly and once one person read it wrong it caught fire. i know my voice on here is weak but i hope that those who do choose to follow me feel likewise. it’s nice to think we’re all in this shitshow we call Life together.

afterall, i really miss “unpopular opinion” : )

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