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y’all, fall shopping is gonna get me divorced

seriously, i made the mistake of checking NextDirect and found more cute stuff that my daughter needs (on a related note, how many jumpers is too many? what about winter coats?)

hooded coat (also available in Navy)
ochre fleece jacket
duck parka (sold out which is truly a shame since now that i’ve seen it i can’t live without it)
quilted pinafore dress
ochre cord pinny
coral shirtdress
blue bunny dress

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just in case you thought i was one of the few Tumblrs who wouldn’t spam you with photos from my sweet vacay

i haven’t been through all the photos on both cards yet but I’m gonna try to spare you for the most part… but looking at how much fun these 2 had just makes me so damn happy

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oh wow, 5?! you must be excited to start kindergarten next week!

me, to a random kid at the Children’s Museum who felt the need to tell me how old he is. and his response? a dead-eyed stare, lots of blinking, then a confused response of “no… um, I’m homeschooled.” and at that moment I noticed his mom/teacher shooting me a death ray.

WTF?! apparently I can’t say anything to anyone anymore without being offensive. this is why I don’t talk to people.

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aaaand i have no clue how to parent

now that I’ve taken quite a few breaks from watching our wedding video my toddler is having some emotional issues

each time he starts talking about it he’s very excited, very happy “I’m gonna watch your wedding!!!”

and very quickly he starts calling out the parts of our video “…and Mister Joss does your hair, and Ant Sandy, and then the Hokie bird…”

and then he pauses, tears begin welling in his eyes, his voice drops and starts quivering ”I don’t like it when you leave…”

then he bursts into full on tears. not whiny toddler tears, but sad, almost heartbroken tears. apparently the very very end when we get in our car and drive away is having some sort of twisted effect on him.

he’s brought it up so many times in the last 24hrs and each time he does he starts crying and I can’t console him. he just wants to hold me and he regrips his arms around my neck tighter and tighter for a solid 40minutes.

is this gonna be something he has to deal with in therapy in 20yrs?

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speaking of teaching… you know what would be nice? if the September schedule came out before September started.

I just kinda want to know if I’m teaching on Monday or not, is that too much to ask?

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reasons my 3yr old is crying

you know how toddlers get addicted to things… like movies? I mean when he first watched Cars we watched it on loop in our house for months. it’s only even recently that he’s expanded his viewing interests to Cars2 and other random movies. actually a lot of movies that we just watch for a day at a time each.

well, most recently my 3yr old has become addicted to watching our wedding video. don’t get me wrong I enjoy watching it, but on repeat each day is getting a little old.

have I ever mentioned that the guy who did our wedding video was also Emmy nominated the same year? not for our video of course but it’s not like Roger has bad taste. still, whenever I turn it off “we need to take a break” he starts crying hysterically “I WANT TO WATCH YOU GEH MURRRRIED!!!”

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has anyone heard of this Soft Surroundings store?

i just got a catalog in the mail because they’re opening one in our mall and even though i’ve never heard of it i can’t wait for it to open now! upon first glance it looks like Soma meets Coldwater Creek but i don’t care, i want to live in all of these tops! and they rate everything on a softness scale, i mean is there anything more important in life?

(in order terry pullover, drapey lounge top, saturday shirt, sunday shirt)

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is it September yet?

i know i said Belly doesn’t need any more fall clothes but i can never resist Zara’s cuteness and their fall line is finally out! currently waiting it out in my virtual cart…

puff dot coat
pink coat (w/EARS!)
grey coat 
printed dress
print dress
corduroy pinny (in pink or tan)
knit sweater w. bow pockets
cloud sweater
rosette bunny sweater
leather mary janes

Belly doesn’t need any more adorable clothes. Belly doesn’t need any more adorable clothes. 

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