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goings on

  • I almost always drive when it’s a family outing, because my car has the carseats in it and I just like driving my own car (also husband’s driving leaves me with my feet pressed on the glovebox and my heart racing so there’s that) so you can imagine my frustration when I let him drive the other day and he backed into our fence - denting my bumper and breaking the pickets
  • discovered the rear DVD player in the car stopped working - pulling out all the stops to get it fixed ASAP. i’ll be damned if we’re driving 4+hrs to the beach without it!
  • arrived to teach my class and found my drink turned over in my gym bag, it was like a small swimming pool of watered down Gatorade in there. still trying to figure out how to launder the thing without ruining it.
  • eldest toddler is in the nap/no nap phase of life so I never know what each day will bring. it’s a sure shitshow over here.
  • which parlays into never knowing what we’ll be dealing with each night - either an over-tired crankapotamus or a not tired at all sad little boy who insists “it’s hard to sleep because I’m not tired.” poor thing.
  • i’ve been working on a new body part each day so Belly knows where her nose is now, that’s a plus. unfortunately when you ask her to show you she just sticks her finger up it. nice.
  • put a small pool up in the backyard (a snapset like one like I had growing up) and it’s only proved to me that there is not a single 8’ spot in our yard that is level. oh well, the kids love it anyway.
  • kid shoes and Boden have been my drug of choice lately. I’m in a serious spending spiral… thank goodness for teaching 8 classes in 6 days. the fall stuff is just TOO DAMN CUTE! the nubuck wingtips I bought Belly are my everything.

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damn you Boden catalogs!

just ordered an obscene* amount of Mini clothes to keep Belly warm and adorable this fall.

I’ve literally had the catalog for about 12hrs but I couldn’t help myself. I just keep remembering all the times I’ve wanted something and thought about it forever then finally decided to pull the trigger and they’re all sold out, so this time I didn’t want to wait.

completely justified these by 1) making complete outfits that are interchangeable rather than buying a few different pieces that don’t go together, 2) Boden is FINALLY on eBates, and 3) even though husband doesn’t know we’re going to the outlets this weekend yet, I’ve already deemed that we can’t buy anything for her (except for one specific dress I’m looking for at the Hanna outlet).

so… yah… completely justified, right?

*obscene for my budget. which is currently “don’t spend money”

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scene: this morning, lying in my bed, I CANNOT WAKE UP! my eyelids feel like they’re made of lead and I just can’t keep them open for any amount of time.

Roger is flopping around playing in my bed and repeatedly urging me to get up.

at some point I decided “that’s it, I’m getting up.” and sat up, but closed my eyes and within a minute was laying back down.

this is when Roger came over to me, I could feel his closeness so I braced myself for the inevitable toddler jump (why do they insist on jumping on people?)

next thing I know this tiny little finger lifts one of my eyelids open to see his face bent over me and he says “do you want to build a snowman?”

I almost rolled out of bed laughing. cutest thing he’ll do all week.

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nobody wants to hear about your dream

this morning I woke up and realized I just came out of a dream about vacuuming.

it’s not that there was vacuuming in my dream, it was a dream ABOUT vacuuming, super intense vacuuming.

just wanted to share with you all the lameness that has become my life.

*related: I’ve spent a majority of the past 2 days debating what dessert to bring to a friend’s house for dinner this weekend. still haven’t decided…

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